Safety precautions during forging

1. Precision forging production must use heating equipment, forging equipment and many auxiliary tools. Heating equipment mainly includes flame furnace (oil furnace, gas furnace, etc.) and electric furnace. The heating furnace and hot workpiece radiate a large amount of heat energy, and the various fuels used by the flame furnace burn the slag and smoke produced. Therefore, ventilation and purification measures should be taken to avoid injury accidents.

2. Forging equipment mainly includes steam hammer, air hammer, die forging hammer, mechanical hammer, plywood hammer, spring hammer, belt hammer, crank press, friction press, water press, reamer, roll forging machine, etc. All kinds of forging equipment exert impact load on the workpiece, so it is easy to damage the equipment and cause personal accidents, such as the fracture of the forging hammer piston rod, which will cause serious injury accidents. The vibration and noise generated by forging equipment during operation will affect the nervous system of people and increase the possibility of accidents.

3. Forging tools and auxiliary tools, especially hand forging and free forging tools, clamps, etc. are various and usually placed at the workplace at the same time, which is often messy; Moreover, due to frequent tool replacement during work, it is more difficult to check tools. Sometimes improper tools can be used to easily cause injury accidents.

The transportation volume in forging production is very large, so it is necessary to use various transportation equipment, and it is easy to cause accidents if you are not careful. Forging belongs to collective operation, and the technical level, mental state and strict compliance with operating procedures of each operator directly affect the operation safety.

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