What are the differences between die forging and free forging

We call it die forging by using the casting process of die, and the resulting workpiece is called die forging, while casting by other casting methods is called free casting. This is also a casting process. These two processes are different in the selection of workpiece forming process, so we need to make reasonable selection when selecting. Now let's take a look at the differences between the two processes.

Generally speaking, the production of small batches of forgings is completed through die forging process, and the commonly used equipment is the hot die forging press. The forging die structure of die forging includes single die Hall forging die and multi die hole forging die. Single die holes are generally final forging die holes. The dovetail groove and wedge are used to fix the forging die, and the final forging die hole is formed by multiple hammers at one time, which reduces unnecessary processes and shortens the time.

Generally speaking, die forging can be carried out on various equipment. As long as the forging die is accurately positioned through the matching of the key and the keyway, and then the heated blank is put into the fixed forging die on the forging die equipment, the required die forging can be effectively produced. In contrast, free casting is mainly used to produce products with simple casting shapes. The first step of die forging quality inspection is to inspect its chemical composition. Although the chemical composition of general forgings is not checked, the chemical composition is sampled and analyzed in front of the furnace during smelting, but for important or suspicious forgings, some fragments can be cut from the forgings, and the chemical composition can be checked through chemical analysis or spectral analysis. Decomposition method.

Free casting can be divided into craft free casting and mechanical free casting. Low production power of free casting. On the other hand, the free casting of machines is just the opposite. Generally, the air hammer is required to manufacture the blank, which is not only flexible in operation, but also can directly produce the plastic deformation of the blank. High power, suitable for single piece production.

Whether it is die forging or free casting, each has its advantages and disadvantages and scope of application. As long as the selection is correct, we can develop our strengths and circumvent weaknesses, give full play to their respective values, and ensure that the obtained workpieces meet the actual needs.

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