Die forging preparation

The forging die for die forging is composed of upper and lower modules. The die chamber is the working part of the forging die, and the upper and lower dies are each half. Fix it on hammer anvil and workbench with dovetail and wedge; The upper and lower modules shall be guided by lock catch or guide post to prevent dislocation. The metal blank is deformed according to the shape of the die chamber.

The process of die forging is blank making, pre forging and final forging. The die chamber of the final forging die is determined according to the size and shape of the forging, plus allowance and deviation. Die forging is generally divided into open die forging and closed die forging. There are burr grooves around the die chamber of open die forging. After forming, the excess metal flows into the groove, and the burr is finally cut off; Closed die forging only has a small burr at the end. If the blank is accurate, the burr can also be eliminated.

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