How to select ring forgings with good quality?

Ring forgings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, railway transportation, construction, casting, metal stamping and other industries. Their product quality is the early guarantee for the subsequent production of manufacturers. Poor forging quality will have a great impact on the quality of production products, and even endanger the personal safety of workers.

The forging with reliable quality shall be selected as the raw material, so as to ensure the smooth progress of annual production. The following provides some methods for qualification of ring forgings.

In the quality inspection of forgings, there are mainly external observation methods and internal inspection methods. As the name implies, the appearance method is to observe the appearance of the product, such as the shape, geometric dimension, surface condition, etc. of the forging to know whether it meets the standards and whether there are external defects. Specifically, it is to check whether the external dimensions of forgings conform to the specifications and whether there are defects on the surface, such as cracks, wrinkles, bubbles, indentations, pits, impurities, scratches, etc. on the surface of forgings. The internal testing method is mainly used to analyze the chemical composition, macro and micro structures, and mechanical properties of forgings. This item requires the use of special instruments for the inspection process of high magnification inspection. The purpose is to check whether there is fracture, shrinkage cavity and other phenomena in the forgings. For the defects such as dendrite, white spot, flow line disorder, and flow through, it also includes the tensile strength, ductility, hardness, plasticity, and heat resistance temperature of the forgings.

Generally speaking, the quality inspection of ring forgings will include the above two aspects. The external manufacturer can observe the manufacturer's own inspection. The internal test method is complex and requires special instruments. The manufacturer can entrust a third party to carry out the inspection. If both aspects are strictly controlled, high-quality forgings meeting production requirements can be obtained.

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