What are the main accessories of roadheader

Tunneling machine is a machine used to dig roadways on straight ground, which is widely used in urban rail transit, such as railway, highway, water conservancy, municipal engineering, etc. Today we will talk about the main components of TBM accessories.

The cutting part mainly includes: cutting head assembly, pin shaft, baffle, cutting motor assembly, telescopic cylinder cover plate, gland, cutting head, pick, pick, telescopic inner cylinder, mud scraper ring gland, outer spray seat, protective cylinder seat, floating seal seat, etc;

The spade section mainly includes: left drive device, right drive device, connecting plate, driven wheel device, left spade plate, right rear mirror plate, right spade plate, main spade plate, nut, pin shaft, motor base, star wheel assembly, rotary disc, floating seal, star wheel assembly, floating seal, etc;

The first conveyor mainly includes: first transport drive device, rear chute, oil filling valve, tensioning device, Portland first transport motor components, front chute, scraper chain components, chain stripper, plunger motor, etc;

The body mainly includes: pipe clamp, adjusting pad, rivet, base plate, rubber hose, connecting pin of shovel plate, body frame, locking piece, bushing, oil cup, rubber hose joint, bottom plate of connecting block, rotary table, etc;

The traveling part mainly includes: left crawler frame, left drive wheel guard, tensioner group, right drive wheel guard, crawler frame cover plate, drive wheel, roller, tensioner bracket, etc;

The rear support part mainly includes: support, bracket, conveyor guide plate, lubricating pump base, support frame, FA type seal ring, incoming cable support device T, connection block base plate, etc;

The lubrication system mainly includes: progressive distributor, rotary joint, reducing joint, piping diagram of centralized lubrication system, pressure alarm, rubber hose, electromagnetic reversing valve, lubrication valve block components, etc;

The hydraulic system mainly includes: cutting head telescopic cylinder, cutting head rotary cylinder, shovel plate lifting cylinder, telescopic lifting connection block, cutting head lifting hydraulic cylinder, lubrication valve group, etc;

The water system mainly includes: water system connection diagram, external spray device, pressure gauge components, filter fixing plate, gasket, etc;

The electric control system mainly includes the electric control box assembly, intrinsically safe operation box assembly, low concentration methane sensor, explosion-proof emergency stop switch, mining explosion-proof locomotive lamp, shearer shielded rubber sheathed flexible cable, etc.

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