A Brief Talk on the Characteristics of Flat Forging Machine

Features of flat forging machine:

① The female die is separable. It has two parting surfaces, and can forge forgings with concave stop and concave hole in both directions (double flange shaft sleeve, etc.). The shape of the forging is closer to the shape of the part. Therefore, it can forge forgings without inclination and with complex shape.

② During the forging process, the blank is placed horizontally, and its length is not limited by the working space of the equipment. Long rod forgings that cannot be forged by vertical forging equipment can be forged, or long bars can be forged continuously one by one.

③ The main sliding block and the clamping sliding block are driven by two sets of mechanisms respectively to drive the upsetting punch and the clamping die. Move in the direction perpendicular to each other, and implement clamping, upsetting, retracting, loosening and other actions according to a certain program.

④ The clamping mechanism and transmission mechanism driving the female die are provided with an overload protection device to prevent overload damage during the clamping process.

⑤ The rigidity of the machine bed and crank linkage mechanism is relatively large.

⑥ Horizontal split die forging machine is easy to realize mechanized production.

⑦ The upsetting sliding block has a long guiding device, which can bear a large eccentric load, and is suitable for multi die chamber die forging.

⑧ Poor universality, not suitable for drawing and other work steps.

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