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    1. Niobium is a plastic metal, gray, with body centered cubic structure, and its density is 8.57g/cm. Niobium and iron form compound Fe3Nb2, which dissolves in a large amount of iron. The melting temperature of ferroniobium is close to 1600 ℃ (1570-1650 ℃).

    2. Niobium and carbon form NbC, its melting temperature is 3500~3800 degrees, its hardness is 9~10Mohs, and its excellent characteristics are good additives for making alloy tool steel.

    3. Application of niobium in amorphous industry, magnetic source metal.

    4. The application of niobium in permanent magnetic materials: the addition of niobium improves the crystal structure of NdFeB materials, refines the grain structure, and improves the coercivity of materials; It plays a unique role in the oxidation resistance of materials. Magnetic source metal.

    5. FeNb production process flow: usually adopt aluminothermic reduction method to produce: raw ore - sintering - inspection - purification - inspection - crushing - packaging - inspection - warehousing. Reaction molecular formula: 3Nb2O5+10Al=6Nb+5Al2O3


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