Titanium Sponge


Ferroalloy Series

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Titanium Sponge
    • Commodity ID: z038

    Note: Sponge titanium is an indispensable basic link and intermediate product for making titanium ingots and even titanium materials. Sponge titanium is loose, porous and spongy, with large surface area and relatively active. The larger the surface area is, the larger the contact surface with air is, and the higher the activity is. It is easy to react with gas and water, and is very easy to oxidize. Sponge titanium is the basic raw material for refining titanium metal. The sponge titanium can be further refined into titanium ingots, titanium rods and other metal titanium materials. Titanium powder can be produced by mechanical grinding sponge titanium. As a coating material, titanium powder is widely used in the surface treatment of mechanical equipment, the treatment of electronic and precision instrument components, and the synthesis of titanium alloy powder with other metals.


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